Current Activities

The ECC is currently:

ROund Bullet  Playing a leadership role in helping to reform the education programs in the County's juvenile halls and camps.

ROund Bullet  Overseeing the issuance of $100,000 in college scholarship funds to 12 probation youth.  These funds, provided by a private donor, meet the financial needs of these scholarship recipients throughout their undergraduate years.

ROund Bullet  Working at the local, state, and federal levels to enable the sharing of educational records electronically between county agencies and school districts.

ROund Bullet  Based on its report, Investing in the Future of L.A.'s Most At-Risk Children, working to design an integrated, countywide early childhood education/child welfare/probation initiative that builds on and links current efforts.



The ECC's School Attendance Task Force is pleased to announce that the web-friendly version of its technical manual, How to Improve School Attendance: A Practical Guide for Schools and School Districts, is now available on the SATF Library page. It includes extensive resource material on several major aspects of attendance, including attendance intervention and protocols, student discipline and positive behavioral support, parent involvement, and school/community partnerships.

The PDF version of the original full manual — at 200+ pages — is still available for download as a pdf, but the web-friendly version is easier to navigate, both in regular browsers and on hand-held devices.

We hope this is helpful to everyone!