How to Improve School Attendance

A Practical Guide for Schools and School Districts
A Project of the Los Angeles County Education Coordinating Council

Background and Introduction

History of the ECC

In 2005, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors created the Education Coordinating Council (ECC) to bring together the juvenile courts, county agencies, school districts, and others to find ways to achieve better educational outcomes for the children and youth involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems in Los Angeles County. Under the auspices of the ECC, the School Attendance Task Force (SATF) was created in late 2010 to convene courts, youth-serving agencies, school districts, law enforcement, community entities, and others to:

ROUND BULLET  Review the school attendance issues that affect students in all 81 school districts in our county

ROUND BULLET  Examine local approaches that appear to improve school attendance, as well as successful efforts made in other jurisdictions

ROUND BULLET  Develop better, more, and—if necessary—new ways to enhance school attendance for all Los Angeles County schoolchildren, particularly those before the juvenile courts

This Manual

Because, in practice, the implementation of the Task Force's recommendations will necessarily overlap, this technical manual is organized into several modules. Each outlines the concrete steps for schools and school districts to successfully implement one of the components of a comprehensive plan for improving school attendance. In this initial edition, five components are addressed, and the School Attendance Task Force hopes to produce further modules in the future.

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