School District Type of Goal Goals Actions/Metrics Funding 14-15 Funding 15-16 Funding 16-17
Dedicated Foster Care Funding Leveraging Opportunity Increase access to online credit recovery options Provide all 10th-12th grade students access to online credit recovery courses so they can remain on track for graduation/A-G course completion -- -- --
 2014 - 15 $400,000 Leveraging Opportunity Maintain low expulsion rates; decrease suspensions; implement  PBIS Pilot PBIS in 3 schools in year 1, 5 in year 2, 7 in year 3; assign full-time counselors to 2 elementary schools in year 1, 4 in year 2, 6 in year 3. -- -- --
2015 - 16 $400,000 Leveraging Opportunity Re-estiablish school mental health services Coordinate with local mental health agencies -- -- --
2016 - 17 $400,000 Attendance Increase attendance and reduce dropout rates Identify factors causing absenteeism and dropouts, implement interventions; provide PD on PBIS; implement AVID program [what is this?] $150K (professional development on PBIS); $200K (AVID) similar similar
    Leveraging Opportunity Increase school safety School security officers and cameras [NOTE: Highly problematic use of large amount of LCFF S/C funding! $2.5M same same
    Foster Care Develop an Individual Learning Plan for each student  Year 1: investigate ILP format; provide consultation to counselors; provide parent trainings.  Year 2: implement ILP format, parent trainings, continue to provide consultation to counselors; Year 3, continue to implement and redesign if necessary -- -- --
    Foster Care Provide educational resources, college counselors, etc. "Curriculum and software to enhance student achievement" and "investigate FYS college pathways website."  [NOTE: I am not sure what this means or why it should be counted as foster youth-specific use of LCFF S/C funds.] $250K (curriculum and software); $150,000 (improved services for foster youth--college counselors, parent/community liaison, SES clerk) similar similar