School District Type of Goal Goals Actions/Metrics Funding 14-15 Funding 15-16 Funding 16-17
Dedicated Foster Care Funding Leveraging Opportunity Reduce learning gaps for underserved populations Tutoring, mentoring, afterschool activities, extended school year $60K (salaries and professional development); $30K (materials and supplies) same same
 2014 - 15 $0 Attendance Attendance will increase by 10% in year 1, 20% in year 2, 40% in year 3; truancy and absenteeism will decrease by 10%(15%, 20%), middle school dropout rate will decrease by 5% (7%, 10%), participation in activities will increase 5% (10%, 15%) School counselors will be hired to monitor attendance, address at-risk behavior; district support to increase oversight of attendance data; support families of students with high absenteeism "with particular emphasis on collaborations regarding foster youth" $2.6M (counselors); $1.7M (district staff salaries) similar similar
2015 - 16 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Decrease suspensions and expulsions by 10%, and an additional 5% for African-American students School counselors will be hired; PBIS and conflict resolution programs; afterschool mentor programs $2.6M (counselors - same as above); $32K PBIS, $50K conflict resolution program; $160K (mentor program) similar similar
2016 - 17 $0