School District Type of Goal Goals Actions/Metrics Funding 14-15 Funding 15-16 Funding 16-17
Lawndale ESD
Dedicated Foster Care Funding Attendance Attendance will increase by .3% per year Professional development; additional clerical support for attendance monitoring $232K (clerical staff) same same
 2014 - 15 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Suspensions will be reduced by 5% each year Bullying prevention program; increase supervision during lunch; arts education; Character Counts program; add three ES counselors to support at-risk students, implement PBIS and restorative justice $10K (staff training); $91K (noon duty aides); $127K (arts education); $8K (character counts); $303K (new counselors); $12.5K (PBIS) same, plus $303K (3 more counselors) same as year 2
2015 - 16 $0            
2016 - 17 $0