School District Type of Goal Goals Actions/Metrics Funding 14-15 Funding 15-16 Funding 16-17
Dedicated Foster Care Funding Attendance Increase attendance rate to 98%, reduce chronic absenteeism to 2%, decrease suspensions and expulsions -- -- --  
 2014 - 15 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Provide full time counselors at each school site -- $1M similar similar
2015 - 16 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Increase school safety Provide professional development on strategies for handling violent/disruptive students, additional security services, LASD school resource officer; middle school Dean of Discipline; middle school Opportunity Teacher (for "tier 3 behavior support") $5K (professional development); $240K (security contract); $90K (LASD school resource officer); $130K (MS dean of discipline); $100 (MS opportunity teacher) similar similar
2016 - 17 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Provide a program specialist to assist foster youth, homeless youth, students with mental health needs, SARB, enrollment, and PBIS -- $100K similar similar
    Leveraging Opportunity Provide 3 middle school counseling assistants to support academic scheduling and counseling -- $180K similar similar