School District Type of Goal Goals Actions/Metrics Funding 14-15 Funding 15-16 Funding 16-17
Dedicated Foster Care Funding Attendance Increase attendance by 1% each year, decrease chronic absenteeism rate by 3% each year, decrease drop out rate (MS and HS) by 2% each year Hire 5 attendance clerks $460K same same
 2014 - 15 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Decrease suspension rate by 1% each year, maintain 0 expulsion rate Hire campus monitors and security officers $512K (campus monitors); $2M (security officers) - NOTE: problematic use of LCFF base funds! same same
2015 - 16 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Increase guidance and counseling services - dropout prevention and increasing college enrollment Hire counselors, provide dropout prevention and college enrollment services, provide credit recovery program $664K (HS counselors); $288K (MS counselors); $360K (dropout prevention and college enrollment services); $209K (credit recovery program) same same
2016 - 17 $0 Leveraging Opportunity Provide school social workers, counselors and case managers to support low income, EL and foster youth students Hire 2 social workers, additional HS and MS counselors, and a case manager $142K (2 school social workers); $192K (HS counselors); $192K (MS counselors); $57K (case manager) - NOTE - these counselor positions appear to be in addition to the ones funded by LCFF base $$. same same
    Foster Care Monitor FY outcomes, provide access to programs for all students and specialized interventions for foster youth Provide CYFC tutoring program; access to school social workers and case managers -- -- --