These reports, while not the direct result of ECC research projects, represent work that the ECC finds valuable to our mission.

The ABC's of Transition and the Independent Living Program Informational Manual for Transitioning Foster Youth and Their Caregivers

This manual will give youth an understanding of the resources available for the transition to adulthood. There are many services available, such as continued Medi-cal coverage (health insurance), tuition, tutoring, and scholarship opportunities. A product of the Children's Rights Project, the manual is written in a clear, easy-to-read style and is addressed directly to the Foster Youth reader.

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California Foster Youth Education Summit

The California Foster Youth Education Task Force is a statewide coalition of more than 25 organizations dedicated to addressing the educational needs of children and youth in foster care. This report provides a summary of the recommendations to improve foster youth education success in California derived from the 2007 summit conference.

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California Youth Connection Speak Out Report

This report addresses the needs of foster youth in California and provides concrete recommendations for immediate change from the perspectives of current and former foster youth.

Download PDF file from the CYC website: CA Youth Connection

Education and Juvenile Justice System Reentry Report

Overview of a report to the Second District of Los Angeles County Juvenile Reentry in Los Angeles County: An Exploration of Strengths, Barriers and Policy Options.

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H.R. 6893 Fact Sheet

H.R. 6893, the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, was one of several recent bills signed by the President. This will open the door to federal support for youth to age 21-- ending the trend in many states to push youth out of foster care at 18. Other provisions in the bill will enhance the ability to find, approve and support relative caregivers, increase efforts to preserve sibling ties, and mandate better attention to the educational and health needs of youth in care.

Download a summary of the key provisions in the bill in PDF format:

Helping Your Child Succeed in School: An Education Handbook for Parents and Caregivers of Children and Youth in the Foster Care System

Developed in partnership by the Foster Children and Youth Educational Technical Assistance and the Mental Health Advocacy Services, Inc., May 2006

Download PDF file here:  Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Hopes & Hurdles: California Foster Youth and College Financial Aid

This report examines why surprisingly few California foster youth who apply for student aid receive all the grants they should, and some recommendations to address the situation.

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National Blueprint for Reentry

Model policies to promote the successful reentry of individuals with criminal records through employment and education. Published by the Legal Action Center, National H.I.R.E. Network, October 2008

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School or the Streets: Crime and California's Drop-out Crisis

By Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California, 2007

Download PDF file here: CA Dropout Report

Youth in the Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice System: Current Conditions and Possible Directions for Change

By The Los Angeles County Children's Planning Council, April 2006

Download PDF file here:  LACPC Los Angeles County Children's Planning Council

Juvenile Justice Recommendations

By The Los Angeles County Children's Planning Council, November 2007

Download PDF file here:  LACPC Los Angeles County Children's Planning Council

Higher Education Opportunities for Foster Youth: A Primer for Policymakers

By The Institute for Higher Education Policy, December 2005

Download PDF file here:  Foster Youth Higher Ed. Policy Primer

Foster Care Education Fact Sheets

Developed by the California Foster Youth Education Task Force

Download PDF file here:  Foster Care Fact Sheets  

Foster Care and Education Q&A

Developed by the American Bar Association and Casey Family Programs

     Download PDF file here:  Foster Care Fact Sheets  

County of Los Angeles Probation Department Education Reform Project

The report concerning the approval of comprehensive educational reform recommendations and a preliminary action plan for implementation at probation camps and juvenile halls.

Download PDF file here:  Probation Department Report  

AB 490 training materials

Access materials here:   Children's Law Center

2003 and 2004 Los Angeles County Education Summit reports

Download 2004 Education Summit Report PDF here:  LACo Education Summit Report 2004

Download 2003 Education Summit Report PDF here:  LACo Education Summit Report 2003

Stuart Foundation: Teacher Voices

Some of the nation's leading scholars and philanthropic organizations selected a dozen foster care experts to discuss what we know — and don't know — about improving educational outcomes for children and youth in foster care. These experts represent a wide range of experience and perspective including that of an urban county school superintendent, a juvenile court judge, an attorney, a pediatric mental health clinician, a social service director, and several university-based researchers.

Ready to Succeed is a bold plan to close the educational achievement gap for children and youth in foster care. Based upon the best research available, it designs and tests interventions at demonstration sites, assists policymakers and practitioners to carry out promising policies and practices, and addresses data collection and sharing challenges. Likewise, it is a call for more and better research to strengthen the evidence for what works.

Grappling with the Gaps is a starting place. It sets the groundwork to suggest new research priorities for improving policies and practices related to the educational outcomes of children and youth in foster care. Its sole source of information is interviews conducted during the winter of 2009 with 12 foster care experts who differ in familiarity with education, child welfare, and related policy and practice issues. Collectively they describe "research lags," "holes," "gaps in knowledge," "a paucity of research on educational outcomes," and "lack of evidence-based practices" contributing to the generally dismal educational outcomes Ready to Succeed aims to turn around.

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