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The SATF is not only an important distribution point for documents relating to student attendance issues, but  also produces reports, research documents, and action plans arising from its membership. The SATF library is the repository for these resources.

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Children and Youth
Services Review

The current state of truancy reduction programs and opportunities for enhancement in Los Angeles County

Download here:   Member survey

Results from School Attendance Task Force Member Survey
Round II

A summary of responses by the 17 out of 105 invited members who completed the survey.

Download here:   Member survey

SATF Published Reports

How to Improve School Attendance: A Practical Guide for School and School Districts

March 2013 Report

A Comprehensive Approach to Improving Student Attendance in Los Angeles County

SATF Executive Summary, February 2, 2012

SATF Report Exec Summary Cover

The Full Report, February 2, 2012

SATF Report Cover

A Guide to School-Community Best Practices

Best Practices Guide

How to request a printed copy of SATF published reports.

Send a note via email on the Contact the Task Force page. Documents are not always available, and there may be a postal fee. You will be fully informed before anything is mailed to you.



The Department of Public Health assess­ment of the poten­tial costs and bene­fits of pro­viding free trans­porta­tion pass­es to stu­dents in Los Angeles County.

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Full Report

How to Improve School Attend­ance: A Practi­cal Guide for School and School Districts—ONLINE

The ECC's School Attend­ance Task Force is pleased to announce the web-friendly version of its technical manual, How to Improve School Attendance: A Practical Guide for Schools and School Districts.

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Online Guide

It includes extensive resource material on several major aspects of attend­ance, including attendance inter­vention and proto­cols, student disci­pline and positive behavioral support, parent involve­ment, and school/community partner­ships.
This new web-friendly version is easy to navigate, both in regular browsers and on hand-held devices.
We hope this is helpful to everyone!