ECC School Attendance Task Force Tools

These are documents and toolkits that have been prepared and submitted to aid in th effort to increase student attendance in K-12 schools.

Newest Tools

Download the updated action plan for the Juvenile Arrests & Incarcerations work group here:
Juvenile Arrest WG Update

Download a copy of the Draft Workgroup Structure here:
Workgroup Structure pdf

Download the Action Plan Template here:  
Action Plan Template pdf

All files are pdf.

Organizing Tools





Older Tools


A variety of flyers announcing the "September is School Attendance Month" event are still available on our site. Click on the thumbnails below to download individual flyers in PDF format:

xx   xx   xx   xx   xx   xx   Flyer11   Flyer12   Flyer13   Flyer14

Tool Kits

Click on the toolbox icons below to download school attendance toolkits in PDF format:

K through 12
School Attendance Improvement: k-12Toolkit

School Site Overview, Preparation, Check List, & Task Assignments: k-12Toolkit

Add-on Sample SRD Documents & Forms: k-12Toolkit

Attendance Works: Make Every Day Count: Attendance Works Toolkit