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ACHSA Tutor List

The Association of Community Human Service Agencies' listing of programs willing to offer low- or no-cost tutoring services to DCFS and probation youth.

California College Pathways Foster Youth Educational Planning Guide

California College Pathways has developed the Foster Youth Educational Planning Guide which we hope will enhance your work with youth in foster care. This planning guide contains checklists, tips and information to support foster youth from 7th grade through 12th grade who have a dream of a college education. We want foster youth, caregivers, social workers, educators and advocates to use this guide to monitor and track the educational progress of these young adults. If you would like more information, please contact Jenny Vinopal at or (562)951-4734.

Download the CCP Guide in PDF format here:  

Children Youth and Family Collaborative

Information on various programs to help foster youth succeed academically, including after-school and weekend tutoring and remedial help.

DFW International Guide to Scholarships for New Americans and Minorities

DFW International is the portal to international North Texas, a region in which 40% of the residents are New Americans of first or second generation. It is a network of over 1,600 North Texas internationally-focused civic, community and educational organizations that embodies the cultural and economic vibrancy of the global community whose mission is to promote and link North Texas ethnic and New American groups, empowering them as respected members of the community and providing forums through which to share their cultural heritages. This guide lists many scholarships available both in Texas and throughout the country that are specially targeted at new citizens and minority students. 

Download the guide in PDF format here:


National network for foster youth. Connect with other youth across the country on topics that are important to you.

Healthy City

Healthy City is California's information and action resource for service referrals and social change. You can search for community services, research and share community data, and consult the Healthy City team for strategic advice. The site is organized around a Zip Code search engine for finding local services.


Find helpful information on everything from college scholarships to emergency housing and everything in between!


Information on after-school programming for Los Angeles area children.

LA City Libraries

Locations for your local city libraries. 

Teen Web/Your Library

Find out about programs, Teen Council meeting dates and hours of your local library. Meet other teens in your neighborhood and help make the teen space in your library a fun place to go.

The People's Guide to Welfare, Health and other Services

The People's Guide gives practical information about how to get food, money, housing, health care and other help from government programs and community services if you live in Los Angeles County and need the help in hard times. The People's Guide also gives advice on what to do if you are treated unfairly or do not receive what you are entitled to by law.